Why choose Container home/ living over traditional construction methods ?
  • Hassel free and less construction cost.
  • Maximum of one or two day entire set up time.
  • No construction approvals required.
  • Resale value.
  • No Foundation or excavation needed at the construction site.
  • Flexible and quick relocation.
How much does a container living space cost ?

Our architect designed and quality tested container buildings starts approximately at 3 lakhs. Price is quoted purely based on the client requirements such as Container homes or commercial spaces.

What does the container architect do ?

The container architect is a specialist who has the deeper understanding of the container structure. Container architect will understand customer requirements and provides the customer with various visions that is both custom fits and aesthetically pleasing.

What is the durability of the container living spaces ?

The container living spaces can be used easily from 10 to 15 years with some low cost maintenance.

In what sizes, mobile container buildings can be built ?

The standard sizes of containers are 20 feet and 40 feet. However the best thing about containers is it can be customized to any sizes and shapes by attaching two or containers together.

Can we relocate the container homes/cabins and how can we do it ?

Yes, the container buildings can be relocated easily. Our expert team can help you with relocation hassle free.

How can we resell the container accommodation buildings ?

Market Price of Containers has a very positive growth in this new age. Containers have approximately of about 80% resale value based on the condition. When you feel that your container building is no longer needed then reach us back. Our expert team can help you finding a right buyer or we can rebuy it from you based on requirements.

What are the after sales supports the Lush containers can provide ?

Our expert team will help you with further updates in requirements, maintenance, relocation, resales. The Lush Containers is one stop solution for all your container building needs.